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Prefabricated building Application domain solutions

The prefabricated building adopts the methods of systematic design, modular splitting, factory manufacturing and on-site assembly. Due to the change of construction technical means, it can effectively avoid the manual operation error under the traditional construction mode, ensure the building quality, reduce energy consumption and pollution, reduce the labor cost and improve the production efficiency. Because the prefabricated building is assembled by factory prefabricated components, there are inevitably some assembly gaps between components, and the filling and sealing of these assembly joints is particularly important. Sealant is the first line of defense for the sealing and waterproof of prefabricated buildings, which directly affects the waterproof and sealing of prefabricated buildings, and has very high requirements for the quality and performance of sealant.


Glue application position: joint of exterior wall plate (horizontal joint, vertical joint and cross joint); Window opening and wall joint

Key properties: displacement capacity, modulus, weather resistance, adhesion and finishing