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New energy vehicle Application domain solutions

With the improvement of the awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection and the increasing pressure to reduce carbon emissions, many countries around the world have started the prohibition of fuel vehicles. The automotive industry is ushering in a new industrial reform, and new energy vehicles will become the development trend in the future. The use of various emerging fuel cells as driving sources makes the combination of automobile manufacturing from single components to vehicle architecture more and more closely with electronic components. Automotive electronic components are in harsh environments such as extreme temperature, cold and heat cycle, moisture, dust, dirt, mold, mechanical shock and vibration for a long time. Silicone materials can maintain stable and good performance in various environments. The company can provide systematic silicone solutions including battery module potting protection, precision component cushioning protection, electronic component fixation, three anti coating of circuit board, bonding and sealing of battery shell lamps and other components, so as to provide safe and effective protection for new energy vehicles.