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curtain Application domain solutions

The peripheral protective structure of modern buildings generally no longer adopts the traditional brick wall and block brick, but adopts the building curtain wall. Building curtain walls include glass curtain wall, stone curtain wall, aluminum plate curtain wall, ceramic plate curtain wall, clay plate curtain wall, metal plate curtain wall, fiber cement plate curtain wall and other plate curtain walls. Building curtain wall has many advantages such as beauty, energy saving and easy maintenance. Silicone structural sealant is required for structural bonding and sealing assembly, and silicone weather resistant sealant is required for joint sealing.

1、 Silicone structural sealant for curtain wall

As an important structural bonding material used in curtain wall structural bonding assembly system (SSG), silicone structural sealant is used to bond the glass directly to the aluminum frame, which is then fixed to the keel of the curtain wall by mechanical connection. Because the glass is completely bonded and fixed on the building by silicone structural sealant, and has to bear various climate aging and various loads for a long time, its performance and durability are directly related to the lasting safety of building curtain wall.

Adhesive parts: hidden frame glass curtain wall (4-side structure bonding), semi hidden frame curtain wall (2-side structure bonding), all glass curtain wall (adhesive joint force transmission, 2-side structure bonding)

Key technical indicators: tensile strength and aging resistance, with certain requirements for elasticity.







2、 Silicone weather resistant sealant for curtain wall

Silicone weather resistant sealant shall be used for joint sealing of glass, metal, stone and other curtain wall materials to ensure the air tightness, water tightness and other properties of the curtain wall. In the application process, silicone weather resistant sealant needs to bear the displacement change of joint width caused by external environment (thermal expansion and cold contraction of plate materials, displacement of main structure, etc.). This requires that the silicone weather resistant sealant has a good ability to withstand joint displacement, and can withstand the change of joint width for a long time without cracking.

Glue parts: glass curtain wall, metal curtain wall, stone curtain wall, clay plate curtain wall and other joint sealing

Key technical indicators: elasticity (displacement capacity), aging resistance, no strength required, high and low modulus.