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home decoration Application domain solutions

The sealant used in the field of interior decoration refers to the sealant used in interior decoration. Glue used in the field of interior decoration is generally used for indoor bonding and fixation of various materials, sealing of indoor home decoration joints, installation of kitchen appliances and sanitary ware, waterproof, mildew and pollution prevention sealing, etc.

Glue position:

1. Bonding and fixing various wood lines, wood floors, wood partition boards, door pocket lines, gypsum lines, skirting lines, wall waist lines, floor tiles, various decorative pendants and various wallboard works; Bonding mirror, aluminum edge sealing, handle, crystal plate, marble, metal, aluminum plastic plate, glass and wood; Bonding and fixing of all kinds of calligraphy and painting, signs, acrylic and exhibition boards;

2. Decoration, joint filling and sealing of various counters, windowsills, furniture and other gaps, cabinets, kitchen and other corners, ceramic tiles, countertops, ceiling and wallboard works; Installation and waterproof and mildew proof sealing treatment of sanitary ware such as bathtub, toilet, wash basin and shower room and kitchen sanitary ware such as vegetable washing basin and sink; Anti pollution joint sealing between indoor stone and stone, and between stone and other materials.

Key performance: adhesion, green environmental protection and durability