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Application of silicone sealant in building doors and windows

Most modern building doors and windows are aluminum alloy doors and windows. More and more gaps between aluminum alloy and glass of aluminum alloy doors and windows use silicone sealant. After the silicone sealant is fully cured, the glass and aluminum alloy form a whole through sealant bonding, with good adhesion, excellent weather aging resistance, high and low temperature resistance, ozone resistance, ultraviolet resistance and waterproof sealing performance.


Application of silicone rubber sealing strip

The sealant strip plays an important role in waterproof, sealing and energy saving in plastic steel doors and windows and Bridge broken aluminum doors and windows, with sound insulation, dust prevention, antifreeze and warmth preservation. It must have strong tensile strength, good elasticity, and good temperature resistance and aging resistance.

Advantages of silicone rubber raw materials: excellent high and low temperature resistance, and can be used for a long time at - 60 ℃ ~ + 250 ℃ (or higher temperature); Excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance, ultraviolet resistance and aging resistance; It is safe to use, and the burned silica is still an insulator with good flame retardant performance; Good sealing performance; Good compression deformation resistance; Transparent and easy to color.