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Polyurethane adhesive refers to the adhesive containing carbamate group (- nhcoo -) or isocyanate group (- NCO) in the molecular chain. Polyurethane adhesives are divided into polyisocyanates and polyurethane. Polyisocyanate molecular chain contains isocyano (- NCO) and carbamate (- NH-COO -), so polyurethane adhesive shows high activity and polarity. It has excellent chemical adhesion with materials such as foam, plastics, wood, leather, fabrics, paper, ceramics, and porous materials such as metal, glass, rubber and plastics.

Product advantages:

Room temperature curing, quick drying, no sagging and solvent-free;

High bonding strength and wide adaptability of substrate;

Good chemical corrosion resistance and water resistance;

Excellent weather aging resistance;

Excellent earthquake resistance, impact resistance and noise resistance;

Good moisture resistance and mildew resistance;

Colorable and sandable.

Polyurethane products are widely used in the automotive industry because of their excellent properties

Application position and function

Bonding application of automobile window glass and body

Sealing application between automobile sheet metal, interior decoration and glass

Special glue for automobile maintenance market